Midas Immersion Cooling and Carbon-Z to deploy cutting-edge data centers

Midas Immersion Cooling, the leader in deployed single-phase immersion cooling equipment solutions, announced its selection as a strategic vendor to Carbon-Z, a new generation data center colocation provider. This collaboration aims to deploy cutting-edge data centers that leverage the latest in energy efficiency and cooling technology.

The Midas Immersion Cooling system is centered around the patented plenum and weir design offering increased cooling capacity through forced convection. Midas has optimized the tank and cooling distribution engineering for easy installation and maintenance to deliver high-density deployment and the lowest total cost-of-ownership. With the development of a redundant North American supply chain of tanks, pumps, and heat exchangers, Midas has become the preferred choice of leading data centers.

Recognizing the importance of deploying environments tailored to customer needs, Carbon-Z has adopted a build-on-demand model. This allows for the rapid and agile deployment of highly sustainable micro data centers within their existing commercial property footprint. Current initiatives include the implementation of innovative heat recovery systems and cutting-edge energy storage solutions to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Tony Virr, Data Centre Operations Director at Carbon-Z, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited to feature Midas as we strengthen our best-in-class liquid cooling technology offerings. Their redundant, hot-swappable cooling distribution unit technology is vital to delivering the uninterrupted service our customers demand.”

Scott Sickmiller, CEO at Midas, also shared his thoughts: “There is obvious demand for Carbon-Z’s micro data center strategy offering customized options with quick deployment. We are excited for the opportunity to work with a thought leader in this growing market sector.”

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