Moveworks expands regional data centers, adding Australia to Europe and Canada

Moveworks, the leading AI copilot platform for the enterprise, announced the opening of its first regional data center in Australia. This milestone demonstrates Moveworks’ commitment to meeting the growing demands for data privacy and residency.

Data privacy is a crucial concern for businesses in today’s global marketplace. By launching a new regional data center in Australia and most recently in Canada and the European Union (EU), Moveworks is providing peace of mind to its Australian, Canadian, and European customers. With this new addition, Australian customers can confidently leverage Moveworks’ LLM-powered next-generation copilot experience while knowing they have control over where their data resides.

Besides aligning with the shifting regulatory climate, Moveworks’ Australian data center also adheres to various data residency requirements across the region. This global-first approach grants customers greater flexibility, customization, and control over their data, ensuring our services meet their unique needs.

The recent launch of Moveworks’ new data centers across Australia, the EU, and Canada is a clear indication of its growth and commitment to serving its customers on a global scale. As the company progresses, its focus remains on delivering the best possible solutions, enabling users to have increased ownership of their data.

Moveworks is the leading AI copilot platform for the enterprise. It empowers the workforce to interact with and take action across all business systems through natural language. Powered by the world’s most advanced LLMs and our proprietary MoveLM model, the Moveworks copilot enables users to search information, take action, automate tasks, and generate factually accurate content with generative AI. Companies such as Databricks, Broadcom, Hearst, and Toyota North America leverage Moveworks’ out-of-the-box solutions and intuitive developer tools to automate L1 support, enhance the employee experience, and accelerate business transformation.

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