Mubadala invests in Aligned data centres to meet demand for sustainable infrastructure

The Abu Dhabi sovereign investor has made a significant investment in Aligned Data Centres, a leading data centre company with headquarters in the U.S., operating across the Americas. Through this investment, Mubadala will become a minority partner, joining the majority partners managed by Macquarie Asset Management.

Aligned Data Centres offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including Scale Data Centres (colocation) and Build-to-Scale (build-to-suit), catering to global hyperscale and enterprise customers. These solutions address the increasing demand for sustainable and scalable infrastructure. At full capacity, Aligned’s data centre footprint will encompass over 2.5 GW of critical capacity across more than 40 data centres.

While most of Aligned’s operations are concentrated in North America, the company recently expanded its presence into Latin America with the acquisition of ODATA, a prominent data centre provider in the region. This strategic move has positioned Aligned among the largest private data centre operators in the Americas, with a growing presence in key Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Commenting on the transaction, Khaled Abdulla Al Qubaisi, Chief Executive Officer of Real Estate and Infrastructure Investments at Mubadala, said: “Mubadala is pleased to invest in Aligned, one of the fastest-growing and dynamic data centre providers in the Americas. Our investment will support Aligned’s rapid expansion, further reinforcing the company’s position as a preferred partner in the Pan-American data centre market. In addition to Aligned’s continued business growth, we are further excited by its AI-ready status, making it strategically positioned to support infrastructure requirements for a broad set of AI, ML, and DL services. We look forward to working with Aligned’s talented management and employees to deliver essential digital infrastructure across the Americas.”

Andrew Schaap, Chief Executive Officer at Aligned, said: “We are excited to partner with the Mubadala team in support of Aligned’s continued growth trajectory and expanding data centre platform, as well as a collective focus on building a more sustainable future through innovative, efficient infrastructure. This investment is a testament to our world-class data centre solutions, high-calibre teams, and ability to quickly address the growing capacity demands and requirements of our loyal hyperscale and enterprise customers across the Americas.”

The investment in Aligned further strengthens Mubadala’s expanding digital infrastructure presence in the U.S. Earlier this year, Mubadala pledged a US $500 million investment in Brightspeed, a U.S.-based broadband and telecommunications services company. Brightspeed aims to deploy fibre services reaching up to three million homes and businesses within the next five years.

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