MX optimizes data center application performance with Augtera Network AI

Augtera Networks, the industry leader in AI/ML-powered Network Operations platforms, and MX Technologies, Inc., a leader in actionable intelligence for consumers and the financial providers that serve them, announced MX has selected Augtera to power AI operations for its next-generation data center networks by leveraging Dell Enterprise SONiC switches.

Data center network modernization will enable MX to enhance the application experience with increased capacity and reduce operational costs with greater agility. Additionally, leveraging intelligent network operations prevents degradation and allows faster detection for remediation.

MX augmented its legacy network monitoring tools with Augtera Network AI platform in its data center networks in 2023. The new solution enabled MX to enhance network monitoring with network AIOps that provides preventive and automated operations to optimize application performance while also providing traditional network monitoring capabilities to ease operational adoption.

“MX continues to innovate by adopting Augtera Network AI, and now SONiC, to provide best-in-class experiences. Augtera integrated with SONiC will further optimize application experience by increasing operational agility and efficiency,” explained Brandon Murdoch, Director of Infrastructure at MX.

Augtera’s AI and holistic telemetry enabled MX to prevent and minimize application performance degradation. Augtera’s real-time ML-based anomaly detection provides early detection and automated alerts of application TCP retransmits, data center fabric grey failures, data plane, environmental and control plane errors, and congestion. This equips MX to determine the top application flows that are impacted by TCP retransmits caused by a data center fabric issue and remediate accordingly.

“MX has been at the forefront of adopting Augtera’s industry-leading multi-vendor real-time ML anomaly detection capabilities across network logs and metrics to optimize platform performance. In addition to these capabilities, Augtera’s integration with SONiC will provide MX with real-time latency and loss observability to take these benefits one step further,” said Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO at Augtera.

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