Nabiax finalises deal to purchase two data centres in Spain

Nabiax has finalised a deal to buy two data centres in Spain from Telefónica, in addition to announcing upgrades to some of its existing data centres.

The company says the deal has closed on those two Spanish sites, which have added 6MW of capacity to its portfolio. The Chilean part of the deal is now expected to be finalised in early 2022. At the same time, the company has outlined expansion plans to a number of its facilities in both Spain and Latin America. In Spain, the company is adding an extra 2MW of capacity, in Chile 1MW and in Brazil a further 2MW.

Telefónica has previously announced that it had sold four data centres to Asterion Industrial Partners in exchange for a 20 per cent stake in its Nabiax hosting unit, consisting of two data centres in Chile and two in Madrid and Terrassa in Spain.

“The transaction is doubly important: firstly, because we have a partner as relevant as Telefónica in the shareholding of Nabiax, which allows us to strengthen our relationship as partners in an environment that must face transformational challenges in the future, such as edge computing,” Emilio Díaz, CEO of Nabiax, said. “Secondly, it consolidates us as the leader in the Spanish market, in which we expect very good growth in the coming years.”

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