Navégalo unveils new State-of-the-Art Data Centre, reinforces commitment towards renewable energy

The launch of Navégalo’s new Data Centre on August 15th, 2023, marks an exciting milestone in the company’s journey and reinforces its dedication to delivering cutting-edge infrastructure and services. Additionally, it further solidifies Costa Rica’s position as a hub for technological innovation.

“This is a momentous occasion as we proudly unveil our new Data Centre in San José. With our extensive expertise, dedication to sustainability, and commitment to operational excellence, Navégalo is well-positioned to provide global enterprises with reliable and eco-friendly Data Centre solutions,” said Tyson Ennis, CEO of Navégalo.

By expanding its operations, Navégalo has further solidified its position as the largest privately owned Data Centre company in Costa Rica. The newly established facility is equipped with 300 cabinets, including an exclusive suite of 40 cabinets, offering ample space for infrastructure colocation and access to Navégalo’s extensive range of services.

A notable highlight of the state-of-the-art Data Centre is its impressive power capacity. Initially providing 5MW of power, the facility has the capability to scale up to 15MW, ensuring it can meet the escalating demands of global hyperscalers. Costa Rica’s strategic location, skilled workforce, robust telecommunication infrastructure, proximity to the United States, and political stability make it an attractive choice for these technology giants, as well as for global clients seeking reliable services.

Designed with environmental stewardship in mind, Navégalo will achieve certifications such as Leed Gold, Carbon Neutral, ISO 14001, 14064, and 50001 by the end of the year. With a track record of operating on 99% renewable energy for the past seven years, Navégalo plans to offset the remaining 1% by implementing solar panels. Denisse Salman, Navégalo’s Finance Director, emphasised that this commitment to renewable energy aligns with the global trend of green-powered Data Centres, making Navégalo an attractive choice for organisations seeking environmentally responsible solutions.

Connectivity is a central focus of Navégalo’s services, ensuring 100% redundancy and robust connectivity through its own capacity on three submarine cables: PAC, Arcos, and Maya. Caesar Sanabria, Navégalo’s Business Development Manager, highlighted that clients will benefit from a highly connected environment, enabling them to excel in the digital landscape, whether it involves accessing cloud services, collaborating with global partners, or delivering content to end-users.

This development represents a significant advancement for businesses in Central America, as it provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class services closer to home. It underscores Navégalo’s commitment to supporting the local economy, empowering businesses, and driving technological progress in the region.

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