Naver opens Asia’s largest data centre for AI, cloud biz

Naver Corporation has inaugurated the largest data centre in Asia within the nation’s administrative city of Sejong to lead technology innovation and accelerate its future growth engine focusing on artificial intelligence and cloud sectors.

“This is a data centre we designed based on future visions for the next 10 years or more,” Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon said at an opening ceremony. “It will become a technology innovation engine of not only Naver but also all industries.”

The centre built on a land of 294,000 square metres has infrastructure for up to 600,000 rack units for servers, enough to store 65 exabytes of data, bout 1 million times of all data held by the National Library of Korea, according to Naver.

The facility called GAK Sejong is Naver’s second data centre. It has been operating another one with 100,000 rack units since 2013 in Chuncheon about 100 km east of Seoul.

Naver is set to operate only one-sixth of the new centre at the initial stage. The company plans to expand the operation depending on technology development and data increase in six stages with schedules to start the second phase in 2025 and the third in 2016.

“Naver is operating the largest GPUs optimised for high computational processing in South Korea and it is the only company in the country that established clusters of supercomputers on a large scale,” said Kim Yoo-won, CEO of Naver Cloud, a subsidiary of Naver.

“Naver’s AI and cloud businesses, which started a new phase with the recent launch of HyperCLOVA X, are expected to accelerate their expansions into various industries and countries with the opening of GAK Sejong today,” Kim said, referring to Naver’s hyperscale AI platform.

The company aims to advance the technology of data centres, core facilities for generative AI, which requires process large size of data.

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