Navitas unveils sustainable power platform for next-gen applications

Navitas Semiconductor announced the world-wide launch of GaNSafe™, a new, high-performance wide bandgap power platform. Navitas has optimised its 4th-generation gallium nitride technology for demanding, high-power applications in data centres, solar / energy storage and EV markets, where efficiency, power density and robust & reliable operation are critical.

Navitas’ GaNFast™ power ICs integrate gallium nitride (GaN) power and drive, with control, sensing, and protection to enable faster charging, higher power density, and greater energy savings, with over 100,000,000 units shipped, and an industry-first 20-year warranty. Now, the new GaNSafe platformhas been engineered with additional, application-specific protection features, functions and new, high-power packaging to deliver enabling performance under gruelling high-temperature, long-duration conditions.

The initial GaNSafe portfolio boasts high-power capabilities at 650/800 V, featuring a diverse range of RDS(ON) values spanning from 35 to 98 mΩ. These power components come in a cutting-edge surface-mount TOLL package, designed for durability and efficient heat management, making them a suitable choice for applications ranging from 1,000 to 22,000 W.

Within the GaNSafe lineup, there are integrated features and functions that enhance performance and reliability. This includes protected and precisely regulated gate-drive control with zero gate-source loop inductance, ensuring dependable high-speed 2 MHz switching capabilities that maximise power density in various applications. Moreover, GaNSafe offers high-speed short-circuit protection, capable of autonomously detecting and safeguarding against faults within an astonishing 50 ns – a remarkable 4x faster response compared to discrete solutions.

Additionally, GaNSafe is engineered with robust built-in electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection rated at 2 kV, offering a substantial advantage over discrete GaN transistors that lack this essential safeguard. To further bolster its capabilities, GaNSafe exhibits a remarkable 650 V continuous voltage capacity, with the ability to withstand transient voltages of up to 800 V, ensuring operational resilience even in the face of extraordinary application conditions. GaNSafe’s user-friendly design, featuring only four pins, simplifies the integration process and expedites customer designs.

Unlike discrete GaN transistor designs, with voltage spikes, undershoot and specification breaches, GaNSafe delivers an efficient, predictable, reliable system. GaNSafe’s robust 4-pin TOLL package has achieved the tough IPC-9701 mechanical reliability standard, and delivers simple, strong, dependable performance as compared to multi-chip modules which require 3x as many connections, and have poor cooling capability.

“Our original GaNFast and GaNSense technologies have set the industry standard for mobile charging, establishing the first market with high-volume, mainstream GaN adoption to displace silicon,” said Gene Sheridan, CEO and co-founder. “GaNSafe takes our technology to the next level, as the most protected, reliable and safe GaN devices in the industry, and now also targeting 1-22 kW power systems in AI-based data centres, EV, solar and energy storage systems. Customers can now achieve the full potential of GaN in these multi-billion dollar markets demanding the highest efficiency, density and reliability.”

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