Neos Networks launches high-capacity connectivity services across 26 UK data centres


Neos Networks, a leading fibre connectivity provider in the UK, has introduced its latest offering, national 400Gbps Optical Wavelength services across 26 UK data centres. This new service expands Neos’s existing portfolio of optical networking solutions, providing businesses in the UK with reliable, resilient, and high-capacity connectivity to support the ever-increasing volumes of data and bandwidth demands.

Initially, the 400Gbps services will be available in 26 data centres this month, with more than 600 additional Points of Presence set to be added in the coming months. Neos Networks prides itself on pushing the boundaries of network capacity for UK businesses, utilising its flexible photonic network architecture to seamlessly scale the network to 400Gbps.

The introduction of 400Gbps wavelength services empowers customers with enhanced scalability for their backhaul capacity. Neos will cater to individual customer requirements, offering customised solutions for route security, separation, latency, redundancy, and availability to meet dynamic connectivity needs. Additionally, Neos Networks provides optical resiliency and encryption options for customers requiring higher levels of security.

“There is huge demand for high capacity, high bandwidth, low latency services among today’s businesses. For those organisations that handle the transport of huge quantities of data, Optical connectivity services have been revolutionary,” said Mark Charlesworth, Director of Product, at Neos Networks. “The launch of our national 400Gbps service again demonstrates our commitment to continuously driving innovation and delivering market leading connectivity services that meet with our customers’ evolving data demands.

“These capacities are not commonplace in the market, that’s why we’ve launched a dynamic and flexible solution tailored to meet specific and unique business needs.”

Neos can now provision 400Gbps Optical Wavelengths in addition to 10Gbps, and 100Gbps variants, with multiple wavelengths able to be provisioned between sites. By leasing wavelengths, businesses only pay for the capacity they need, but they can also scale up as and when required.

Committing to Net Zero by 2030, Neos Networks is working to properly understand their Scope 3 emissions, and ensure a sustainable supply chain e.g. goods and services within its network.

Neos Networks has created a £6m fund dedicated to the network obsolescence programme by 2025. This programme will renew old equipment in its network to more energy efficient equipment to support future green approach to growth. All suppliers will be expected to sign up to the Race to Zero by 2024 and all future procurement selection will be assessed and weighted on Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) criteria.

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