NetActuate launches services from second data centre in Chicago

NetActuate, a leading global provider of network and infrastructure services, announced the launch of services from a new data centre in Chicago, Illinois. Newly-available services include colocation, virtual machines, bare metal, and high bandwidth connectivity. This new Chicago location also includes the upgraded anycast platform that enables faster, automated management of network services.

“As a centrally located major financial hub in the United States, Chicago has become a foundational part of many of our customers’ footprints” said Mark Mahle, CEO of NetActuate. “Adding a second location for services will offer greater in-market redundancy, and improved availability of high performance infrastructure.”

Chicago’s central location within the United States makes it a favourable choice for businesses that need to reach multiple markets across North America. As a major financial hub in the US, Chicago is home to three major financial and futures exchanges: the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Companies in the financial sector find colocation in Chicago especially useful, as they can easily access low-latency connections for high-frequency trading and other financial applications.

NetActuate’s new Chicago data centre is a part of a network of data centres that is home to nearly 900 companies and close to 200 providers, providing many opportunities for interconnection. Chicago is also a great option for disaster recovery and redundancy, because of its relatively moderate climate conditions that generally avoid extreme temperatures, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

This enterprise-class facility features multi-factor security, redundant power and cooling, and numerous connectivity options.

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