New 45MW data centre opens for service in Osaka Keihanna


Colt Data Centre Services, a global provider of hyperscale and large enterprise data centre solutions, has announced the opening of a major data centre in Osaka Keihanna, Japan, incorporating cutting-edge cooling techniques to minimise environmental impact for Colt DCS and its customers.

The new data centre, which forms part of the Keihanna Science City near Osaka, is built in line with the organisations wider ambition of achieving global net zero emissions by 2045, and the company’s desire to be a driver for change in tackling global climate change issues.

It is hoped that this site will meet the needs of Colt DCS’ local and global customers who are looking to expand further in the APAC region and marks yet another progressive milestone in the company’s expansion strategy.

The design of the Osaka Keihanna data centre further builds on Colt DCS’ key learnings from their Inzai campus, consisting of three data centres with a combined capacity of 50 megawatts (MW) which is 97 per cent occupied. The latest opening in Osaka Keihanna represents one of the largest data centres in Japan, with 42,000 metres square of space and a designed capacity of 45.9 MW, of which 75 per cent has already been committed.

Following early government technology investment, Japan is now one of the world’s leading tech hubs and continues to grow at a vast pace. Osaka in particular has become a major centre for business and technology companies, driving enhanced data usage across the region. The spike in technology investment has led Colt DCS’ customers to enter into this region, particularly those looking to spread their mission-critical operations across multiple sites in the country.

The Osaka Keihanna data centre will provide carrier neutral connectivity services allowing customers to partner with their suppliers of choice. Osaka Keihanna represents an attractive proposition, as it is located in an area which has very low risk of natural disasters, yet has great connectivity solutions, is easily accessible to customers, and diversely connected to all of the amenities which are necessary to running a fully operational data centre facility.

“In 2021, we were appointed by the joint venture between Fidelity and Mitsui as the exclusive service provider for the design, development, distribution, operations and customer service management for the venture,” said Niclas Sanfridsson, CEO Colt DC. “The launch of Osaka Keihanna represents a major advancement in our journey to addressing the needs of customers for a robust and scalable solution rooted in operational excellence, sustainability, and exceptional customer service.”

Ellen Hall, Fidelity’s head of direct real estate, commented: “We are excited for the official launch of Osaka Keihanna. This is the first development under Fidelity’s joint venture with Mitsui and validates our belief that having local partners in Mitsui and Colt DCS, with long track records in the region, is key to success.  We look forward to replicating that success with the additional sites currently under development.”

Takashi Nakai, general manager of the financial business division of Mitsui & Co, said: “Following the announcement of our joint venture with Fidelity we have been working closely with Colt DCS in every aspect of the delivery of this new facility in Osaka Keihanna. The demand for sustainable hyperscale data centre services and solutions across Japan is unprecedented. Enabling businesses to undertake their digital transformation journey is critical in order for businesses to enter new markets faster than the competition. With the launch of the new Osaka Keihanna facility we are confident the capacity we are delivering with this data centre will satisfy both the immediate and future capacity requirements of our customers.”

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