New cooling system that reduces carbon emissions brought to data centre global market

USystems and Rahi Systems have announced their partnership to deliver global supply and installation of USystems ColdLogik Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHX) and In Row Coolers. The companies will work together to assist some of the world’s largest organisations to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions to become more sustainable by designing and delivering robust data centres appropriate for the future. This partnership will deliver a full turnkey solution, which not only offers exceptional value and service but due to the efficient design of the ColdLogik RDHX and InRow Coolers, will offer significant operational savings, reduced time-to-market and eliminates inefficiencies for data centres whilst increasing its sustainability.

The solution is an innovative liquid solution with adaptive technology. It provides a versatile system that can not only deliver a 200kW plus of cooling per rack but can also work at the lower ends of the kW per rack needs to support MTDCs offering a scale that’s not possible in their current configurations. No supplementary cooling is required, and it has the ability to control the entire data hall temperature, allowing more space for racks and complete flexibility on kW per rack cooling, higher than any other cooling platform. A room neutral system means no more hot or cold aisles with additional bolt-on components driving up operational expenditure.

Rahi will provide extensive data centre design and supply all components for your desired layout and install as a full turnkey system, offering hyperscale, colocation, and enterprise data centre operators a standardised and flexible data centre solution with huge benefits including some of the best operational savings in the industry. 

“Our aim is to optimise existing data centres and design new build data centres that offer exceptional scale as standard while achieving significant free cooling with no major design changes,” Scott Bailey, CEO of USystems, said. “Rahi Solutions reflect our own drive to support data centres globally, embracing this innovation to deliver efficient and sustainable data centres of the future by sharing USystems technology to assist the industry we work in. Partnering with Rahi is enabling us to deliver globally, at scale for our own customers, who now gain access to the world-leading rear door coolers as well as receiving the exceptional design, supply, install and maintenance Rahi delivers”.

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