New data centre transformation improves efficiency through AI

CloudFabrix has announced a new partnership with to combine their AI-based asset intelligence and operations with’s data centre virtualisation operating systems to provide a complete data centre transformation. This helps avoid unnecessary infrastructure costs as this combination of technologies helps organisations avoid the ever-present supply chain constraints, increase efficiency and reduce security issues.

At the core of this partnership and technology integration is the company’s newest robotic data automation (RDA) platform that powers AI/ML tasks, advanced analytics and end-to-end digital IT automation. RDA uses data bots and low-code pipelines that enable automated data preparation, data integration, data sharing and hyper-automation across IT functions.

“Never before has the combination of AI-based Asset Intelligence and a data centre virtualisation operating system been used to assure a successful data centre transformation,” Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, chief product officer at CloudFabrix, said. “We are incredibly excited to work with Verge, who’s well known for pioneering the software-defined data centre space, to facilitate the smooth transition to a virtualised data centre with minimal risk for our clients.”

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