New Fortress Energy launches Klondike Digital Infrastructure to develop data center solutions

New Fortress Energy announces the launch of Klondike Digital Infrastructure, a power and data center development business dedicated to working with hyperscale clients to build and operate data centers. This venture comes in response to a significant need for turnkey digital infrastructure to support the next stage of explosive growth in artificial intelligence (“AI”).

Klondike is revolutionizing the industry by utilizing behind-the-meter, on-site power. This innovative approach addresses all major constraints of digital infrastructure development, providing grid stability, significant transmission capacity, power reliability, energy cost savings, and scalability.

“Power and infrastructure are the bottleneck of the AI race. With the rapid development of AI and the accompanying explosive growth in power demand, we are building larger-scale data center solutions to accommodate the needs of our hyperscale clients. And because we produce our own power, we can provide certainty to our customers more quickly than our competitors,” said Wes Edens, CEO and Founder of Klondike and Chairman and CEO of New Fortress Energy.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to overstress the existing power grid and utilities, leading to higher electricity costs for consumers and potential grid instability. Klondike is focused on independent power sources that utilize behind-the-meter power. This approach not only reduces the demand for power from the grid but also contributes power back to it.

Klondike is currently developing a geographically diverse portfolio of data center sites to satisfy the requirements of hyperscale users. The company has more than 1,000 acres of developable land across sites in Brazil, Ireland, and the United States. These locations have large existing power plants or permits in process to build several gigawatts of power, connectivity to fiber networks, access to transmission and water.

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