New full height turnstile receives LPS 1175 certification

Meesons has launched the new fortis range of full height turnstiles, certified to loss prevention standard (LPS). The fortis full height turnstile provides controlled pedestrian access on the perimeter fence line and is designed to withstand a forced attack. This entrance control solution complements the company’s other range of certified security revolving door and security portals to provide a robust physical barrier on the perimeter fence line. The fortis range now enables specifiers to secure the perimeter entrance to a site, through to the building façade and internal zones all to LPS 1175.

The fortis range of full height turnstiles has been developed first and foremost to meet the requirements of the LPS 1175 standard. This enabled the design team to produce a product that maintains the openness of a standard full height turnstile yet provides a highly robust barrier to forced attack. 

The LPCB certification provides independent verification that it will deliver the significant levels of resistance to forced entry by hostile actors, be they burglars, terrorists or protestors. The LPS 1175 standard reflects a broad range of threat scenarios including tool attacks by intruders acting without fear of attracting attention to their actions by using tools and entry techniques likely to generate sustained levels of noise.

“We started the Fortis development with the objective of creating a full height pedestrian access solution to meet the requirements of the LPS1175 standard, whilst maintaining a very open feel when approaching and transiting through the turnstile,” Martin Washby, Meesons technical services manager, said. “Rather than taking an existing turnstile and adding further structure to meet the attack testing, such as cladding and paddles arms, we tried to make the product as aesthetically pleasing as possible while still maintaining its functionality.”

“Having built up extensive knowledge and experience from previously testing our LPS certified security portals and security revolving door this enabled the team to focus on the key areas of the product to create a highly robust and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing solution.” 

The LPS 1175 full height turnstile is in a permanent state of attack readiness, meaning it requires no user intervention to stop criminals who are prepared to use force. The fortis turnstile is a high security, 4 wing rotor, bi directional full height turnstile that remains as secure during the day as it does at night, preventing forced attack 24/7. 

“With an increased perceived threat from mob attacks this solution adds a proven level of delay to criminals who are prepared to use force,” Jeremy Terry, founder and chairman at Meesons, said. “The fortis full height turnstile range adds to our already broad offer of LPS1175 approved entrance control solutions, enabling specifiers to select approved products from the perimeter to the building façade and through to internal zones.” 

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