New immersion cooling partnership aiming to deliver on versatility

immersion cooling partnership

With operators looking to increase efficiency in data centre cooling methods, Lubrizol has announced a new partnership with rack mountable immersive cooling company iXora BV, who have coupled their closed cassette server housing solution using Lubrizol’s CompuZol immersion fluids to deliver what they consider a unique and versatile cooling system to the marketplace.

It is hoped that this new partnership can address the limitations posed by air-cooled methods by delivering turn-key, sustainable solutions that enable superior thermal management and more infrastructure density.

After recent announcements regarding partnerships with other key industry stakeholders in the chip manufacturing, digital infrastructure, and service and support markets, Lubrizol’s partnership with iXora provides another critical piece to its ecosystem solution in the fast-growing market of immersive cooling. iXora’s modular architecture, used in combination with CompuZol immersion cooling fluids, is aiming to protect customers’ enterprise infrastructure investments and simplify serviceability, easing key barriers to market adoption.

“We are excited by our common vision for immersion cooling and how engineering excellence and innovation can achieve those ambitions,” said Job Witteman, CEO and co-founder of iXora. “iXora’s rack mountable, silent immersive cooling solution per individual server, is a well-suited partner for Lubrizol’s industry leading immersion cooled ecosystem solution. Fully compatible with industry-standard 19 inch racks, it will allow data centres to migrate to immersion cooling without having to change existing workflows and infrastructure.

“Additionally, when paired with Lubrizol’s CompuZol immersion fluids, it will provide the market with a powerful solution to maximise data centre power efficiency while minimising data centre and carbon footprints.”

“Lubrizol’s immersion cooled ecosystem solution delivers advantages to today’s data centre operators ranging from lower energy costs and higher computing densities to longer server life, all through a more sustainable solution than conventional air cooling,” said Matt Joyce, vice-president of corporate business development for Lubrizol. “Our partnership with iXora adds a unique immersive cooling solution to our ecosystem, enabling the market to accelerate the adoption of game-changing immersion technology using today’s infrastructure.”

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