New line of UK-manufactured prefabricated data centres launched


EfficiencyIT, a specialist in data centres, IT and critical communications environments, has launched a new, dedicated range of fully customisable, prefabricated data centres for on premises, distributed IT, and edge computing environments.

ModularDC is designed to combine best-in-class technologies from Schneider Electric with EfficiencyIT’s data centre deployment and engineering expertise, meeting demanding timescales for customers within government, defence, and other businesses-critical sectors in as little as 12 to 16 weeks.

Additionally, it incorporates the latest in energy efficient and sustainable data centre technologies, including Green Premium components, which comply with key environmental regulations such as RoHS and REACH. By adopting a greener and more sustainable approach to data centre deployments, customers can also lower operating costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and minimise their data centres’ environmental impact.

The range includes dedicated power modules, featuring the customers’ choice of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), backup generators, low voltage (LV) power equipment, and switchgear. It also offers customisable all-in-one modules, containing integrated racks, UPS, cooling, physical security features, environmental monitoring, and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software. Further, the range offers highly efficient cooling modules, featuring the latest energy saving cooling equipment, including choices for In-Row cooling, hot and cold-aisle containment, and liquid-cooled solutions for high performance computing (HPC) requirements.

“Since 2017, our company has been designing, specifying and installing prefabricated systems for customers’ application-specific data centre requirements,” said Nick Ewing, managing director, EfficiencyIT. “By enhancing our offering with dedicated UK manufacturing capabilities, all of which are fully complementary to the solutions offered by our partners at Schneider Electric, we are ensuring our customers’ demands for bespoke, agile and ultra-secure data centre environments can be met quickly, efficiently, and with the engineering reliability our business has built its reputation upon.”

ModularDC solutions are reportedly designed to incorporate a tailored design process and are precision-engineered to deliver a highly resilient, scalable, and application-specific data centre environment. EfficiencyIT’s turnkey approach uses virtual reality (VR) to provide the customer with an immersive experience, enabling its customers to see their data centre in the virtual world before the build process begins.

The use of VR fast-tracks the design and specification process, aiming to ensure customers are confident in the component security criteria, and that the system is built for their critical application requirements. As an Elite Partner to Schneider Electric, ModularDC also incorporates best-in-class components from Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure for Data Centres and APC physical infrastructure portfolios, including its EcoStruxure IT DCIM software.

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