New micro data centre cooling design offers enhanced effectiveness and energy efficiency

Forced Physics Data Centre Technology has installed the first of the new Edgeility Systems in Arizona. Cooled with proprietary JouleForce technology, this micro data centre provides the thermal solution the industry needs for edge computing and on-premise distributed compute. This positions the company to serve markets previously limited by other cooling solutions.

This first Edgeility System has been deployed outdoors at Sun West Engineering in Arizona where summer temperatures reach over 110 degrees. Even in extreme heat, the system is designed to run smoothly without air conditioning, liquid, or server fans. The unit can support up to 24kW and has only one moving part with a highly efficient, reliable industrial blower.

“We were early supporters of Forced Physics because it’s something we believe in,” Phil McCoy, President of Sun West Engineering, said. “Any energy-reducing technology in the high growth data handling environment is bound to grow legs. We have worked with the giants in the telecom industry and know what it takes to build a robust enclosure for data centre environments.”

“There is tremendous value in an edge system that does not rely on liquid or air conditioning, our system allows customers to compute anywhere, even the harshest environments,” Scott Davis, CEO and inventor at Forced Physics. “This is the breakthrough the industry needs to enable data collection closest to the source.”

Customers can save up to 40 per cent compared to conventional systems thanks to the Edgeility System’s simplified infrastructure and low operating costs. This is also the greenest technology available, with up to 90 per cent reduction in cooling energy and no water used for cooling. For backup power, this unit has been configured with an innovative BlueTray4000 battery from Natron Energy.

“This opens up a lot of possibilities for the industry,” Jack Pouchet, VP of Sales at Natron Energy, said. “Our battery’s unique characteristics such as wide operating temperature range, long life, safety, and sustainability are well suited for Edgeility System deployments in harsh outdoor environments.”

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