New partnership to open data centres in South Korea announced

HanmiGlobal will work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to promote South Korea as the next data centre hub of Asia, the two firms announced.

The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding on the marketing and management of data centre construction projects, as political uncertainties in Hong Kong are prompting foreign companies to consider relocating their data centres in Asia.

Under the agreement, HanmiGlobal will provide project management services, while Hewlett Packard Enterprise will offer the technology and consultations needed to build the centres.

The two companies have extensive experience in data centre construction projects. HanmiGlobal was the project manager for the cloud centres of local portal giant Naver and LG Electronics in southern Seoul. Hewlett Packard Enterprise provided technology support to major Korean telecommunications providers and finance companies for the building of their cloud data centres.

“We are very happy to partner with HPE, the leading provider of cloud technology infrastructures,” Lee Sang-ho, president of HanmiGlobal, said. “The two companies hope to contribute to mutual development with HanmiGlobal’s know-how in project management, as well as put efforts to help client companies successfully make a profit through their data centres.”

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