New report examines how French data centre industries embrace of renewable energy is leading to growth

Reportlinker has released a report which examines the data centre market in France entitled,  Investment Analysis & Growth Opportunities 2021-2026. The report examines how the market has grown and how it will continue to grow, with an increasing number of data centres being powered through 100 per cent renewable energies.

The data centre market in France includes about 43 unique third-party data centre service providers operating over 130 facilities. COVID-19 has been a major boost to the French data centre market, with increased colocation uptake by existing customers, and increased investments in new data centres and cloud regions. Increasingly data centres are being powered through 100 per cent renewable energy in France. Equinix, Digital Realty, and Colt Data Centre Services are powering their operations through green power across the country.

The report considers the present state of the France data centre market. It covers a detailed overview of several growth enablers, restraints, and trends in the market. The study includes the demand and supply aspects of the market.

The report highlights areas such as the growing investments in start-ups such as FinTech and e-commerce using big data analytics and IoT applications that are expected to increase the demand for all-flash storage in the France data centre market. The need for DCIM software to monitor facilities will continue to grow among existing facilities, and new data centre facilities are likely to be part of the investment. How data centre facilities developed in other parts of France (locations other than Paris) will add a cumulative power capacity of more than 150 MW between 2021 and 2026 and how the increased connectivity via submarine cable deployments will further boost the data centre growth in the country.

Other insights the report offers include the growing demand for smart devices and the effect it has on the increasing demand for analytics cloud adoption, and wireless networking technologies are leading several French organizations to invest in Big Data and IoT technology. Tax benefits which are applicable not only on renewable energy power sources but also for cooling towers, UPS systems, fans, and other hardware that make the data centre energy efficient and how mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures are strategies being used by top data centre investors to increase their foothold.

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