New Swedish data centre campus to use waste heat for food production

food production

Nordic colocation data centre provider, EcoDataCenter, has announced that it is building a new sustainable data centre, EcoDataCenter 2, in Östersund, Sweden, which will utilise its waste heat to enhance food production in the region.

The 150-megawatt (MW) campus will be constructed in phases, with 20 MW completed in 2026. The project will be designed with circularity in focus. In the first phase, the campus will stretch along 32 acres and be designed with food production in symbiosis with the data centre.

“We are constructing a new growth platform for our clients that also enables us to take the next step in sustainable data centre design. At EcoDataCenter 2 we will make a future-proof facility both in terms of sustainability but also from a technical perspective being able to handle very high densities,” said Dan Andersson, CEO at EcoDataCenter.

EcoDataCenter 2 is located in the municipality of Östersund, Sweden, a location where the energy grid carries only renewable energy at a very low cost, powered by the local power company Jämtkraft. The design is expected to create 800 to 1000 jobs, and reuse renewable energy to increase food self-sufficiency in a region where the cold climate makes food production difficult.

“An important part for us in evaluating the site was how can the data center contributes to the community in more ways than just improving global digitalization. We looked at ways to deliver more value to society,” continued Andersson.

An important partner in the project is Wa3rm, a company whose idea is built around creating circular business and who are the ones responsible for food production.

“Together with EcoDataCenter we are designing and building a circular concept from the very start, not adding it on afterwards, which is unique,” said Jaques Ejlerskov, CEO at WA3RM.

With EcoDataCenter 2, the company will add 150 MW of renewable energy to its portfolio, adding it up to a total of 240 MW of secured power. In this way, EcoDataCenter said that it will be able to enhance its position as the largest data centre company in Sweden.

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