NEXTDC continue data centre rollout with new facility

NEXTDC opened a new M2  data centre facility in Tullamarine near Melbourne, continuing its recent rollout of data centres. The company has already opened a similar facility, the Brisbane B2 data centre. Organisations connecting to Google Cloud from M2, like those using B2, will directly benefit from direct, highly reliable and very low latency connections. 

Local access to the cloud removes the need for organisations to haul their cloud workloads back to Sydney via inter capital or internet-based connections. Not only will it alleviate connectivity costs, but it will also enable organisations to achieve maximum performance by close to eliminating latency and jitter across the network. Clients of M2 will be able to connect on-demand to a host of cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud and Alibaba Cloud through AXON.

“Cloud is the digital foundation for our customers’ transformation strategies, and as the most valuable resource in business, data forms the building blocks of new world technology and modern digital businesses,”  Craig Scroggie, CEO of NEXTDC, said. “As such, the reliability, proximity and accessibility of data and digital infrastructure is essential. The important role NEXTDC plays for our customers is ensuring they are securely and directly interconnected to the IT services and critical digital infrastructure that drive their growth and innovation strategies.”

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