NFINIT boosts energy efficiency with cloud and data center upgrades

data center upgrades

NFINIT, a LightEdge company, is undergoing an $8 million upgrade across its two San Diego data centers to boost energy efficiency and critical infrastructure reliability.

As part of this series of data center upgrades, NFINIT is updating cloud infrastructure (both hardware and software), replacing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which is a battery that maintains operations in the event of a power outage, and adding new chillers. NFINIT says that the equipment it is investing in is among the most sustainable on the market.

“This major investment in our infrastructure translates to significant customer benefits in three areas: sustainability, reliability, and cost stabilisation,” said Gabriel Faulkner, VP of Critical Infrastructure at NFINIT. “Reliability is part of our DNA, and investing in our UPS equipment is critical to keeping clients’ data safe. Also, by increasing NFINIT’s power effectiveness by 20 per cent, we are keeping pace with data growth trends in a more sustainable way, while also helping to mitigate rising power costs for our clients.

“With the backing of our new partnership with LightEdge, a strong promoter of ESG initiatives, our flagship data center on Lightwave Avenue is on track to becoming the most sustainable data center in the San Diego area.”

LightEdge acquired NFINIT in April. Together, the companies have future investments planned to further increase NFINIT’s energy efficiency. Committed to sustainability, LightEdge recently partnered with Synetic to divert 6,800 pounds of e-waste from the landfill and support the Circular Computing reforestation program.

Unlike most data centers in the area, NFINIT’s flagship facility was built as a data center as opposed to being converted from warehouse space, meaning that critical efficiency and reliability considerations such as airflow and physical security were optimised from the beginning. Following the upgrades, the data center will operate at a 20 per cent better power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25. PUE is a common industry metric that determines a data center’s energy efficiency.

In addition to energy efficiency, uptime is vital for data centers. Maintaining a modern UPS is one of the most important components for consistent data center uptime since many outages happen due to UPS failure. NFINIT’s trusted maintenance processes, as well as its combination of in-house staff and on-call local contractors, also contribute to the company’s industry-leading uptime and availability record over the past 10 years.

“We are investing in infrastructure upgrades that allow NFINIT to alleviate the utility fee rise for our customers as much as possible,” Faulkner continued. “Over the last three years, power costs in San Diego have increased by roughly 41 per cent, and NFINIT has only passed on about 13 per cent of that rise to our customers.”

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