Nodal Power secures $13 million to power innovative data centres

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Nodal Power, a company which mitigates methane at landfills by powering Bitcoin mining data centres, has secured the funds which marks a significant step in their mission to aggressively reduce methane emissions from landfills while harnessing their latent energy potential.

A substantial portion of the funding has already been allocated to the construction and operation of two power plants in the United States. The first plant, situated in the southeastern United States, converts landfill gas into electricity, which is then seamlessly integrated into the local utility grid. This site also hosts a data centre, ensuring efficient energy distribution between the utility and the data centre operations.

The second power plant, located in the mountainous western region, is an off-grid Bitcoin mining data centre, powered entirely by landfill gas. Nodal Power has plans to allocate additional funds for the development of a third site, slated to commence in early 2024. All three sites share a common objective: harnessing renewable electricity generated from the methane gas produced during the decomposition of organic waste in landfills. This innovative approach not only addresses environmental concerns related to methane emissions but also contributes to the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

“We’ve developed solutions, specifically for smaller landfills, that allow us to bring these overlooked resources to market,” said Nodal Power CEO Bryan Black. “Our technology and energy first approach have the potential to make a significant impact on local energy markets.”

Nodal Power’s initiative holds the promise of significantly diminishing methane emissions stemming from landfills. Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, boasts 25 times the heat-trapping efficiency of carbon dioxide.

The company’s method revolves around the controlled combustion of methane gas using generators. This approach not only curbs methane emissions but also reduces carbon emissions compared to conventional flaring or venting techniques. As a result, this process turns a once-wasted resource into a valuable energy source.

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