Nokia partners with STL to develop 5G use cases, data center solutions

Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer, has collaborated with India’s STL to create enterprise connectivity solutions. This partnership aims to concentrate on government-led connectivity initiatives, leveraging Nokia’s B2B technology portfolio and STL’s expertise in system integration.

STL will provide connectivity solutions for core infrastructure and managed services, complemented by Nokia’s provision of cutting-edge networking solutions for IP and optical fiber networks.

“This partnership with STL is aligned with our commitment to accelerate digital transformation across industries and governments. With STL’s extensive expertise in end-to-end network solutions and Nokia’s experience in deploying mission-critical networks, we are well-positioned to redefine enterprise connectivity in India,” Vinish Bawa, head of enterprise and webscale business in India at Nokia, said in a joint statement.

Additionally, this partnership will expedite the Industry 4.0 revolution, unlocking its transformative potential for enterprises. Through the utilization of these solutions, businesses can secure a competitive advantage and propel transformation through innovative technologies.

“STL’s extensive experience in connectivity solutions, coupled with Nokia’s technological strength in 5G and IoT, creates a synergy that has the potential to redefine enterprise connectivity and transform industries. Together, we envision empowering enterprises to reach their full potential,” Praveen Cherian, CEO of Global Services Business at STL, said.

The firms have announced their commitment to addressing the evolving needs of enterprises across various industry sectors. They aim to concentrate on use cases that enhance customer experience, including multi-service premise edge connectivity, intelligent premises, and predictive operations.

The integrated solutions will fortify enterprise networks, delivering high-speed, highly available, and low-latency connections. These connections will support applications such as 5G, IoT, augmented reality, data center interconnectivity, supply chain efficiency, real-time data analytics, and use cases associated with Generation AI.

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