Northern Data Group’s Peak Mining purchases a second 300MW data center location in Texas

Peak Mining, part of the Northern Data Group, announces the purchase of a second 300MW ERCOT-approved site in Corpus Christi, Texas. The location is adjacent to Peak’s first 300MW mining facility already under construction. The site will operate in the attractive Load Zone South of the ERCOT grid, known for its abundance of renewable (wind) energy.

The investment represents a significant step forward in Northern Data Group’s investment strategy, cementing expansion plans well beyond the current 2024 financial year.

The new site enables Peak Mining to accelerate its ambition to become one of the largest bitcoin miners globally. The company will be deploying indoor, custom-designed, fully integrated, and liquid-cooled HPC data center systems to drastically improve deployment time and lower infrastructure costs.

Saxet Infrastructure Group (“Saxet”) will serve as construction manager for the additional Corpus Christi project and oversee the design, build, and energization of the substation and basic infrastructure for the second phase. The Saxet team brings a strong track record of project management and deep expertise with HPC infrastructure.

Niek Beudeker, Managing Director, Peak Mining, commented: “The purchase of this second large site will significantly shorten our time to hashing and kick off one of the fastest mining expansions globally. We now have almost 700MW of HPC data centers in active construction or development that, when fully deployed with our latest-generation hardware, could potentially provide up to 40EH of hash rate.”

Aroosh Thillainathan, Northern Data Group’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “This second large data center location demonstrates how Northern Data Group is able to harness the power and opportunity of HPC. We are at the forefront of a high-growth HPC era, and this acquisition is a significant step towards our growth ambitions.”

Steven Quisenberry, Chief Executive Officer at Saxet Infrastructure Group, commented: “We are excited to expand our relationship with Peak Mining and support Northern Data Group in its growth plans. Northern Data Group is leading the way with a focus on industrial scale HPC and we are aligned to that goal.”

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