NOS renovate new data centre to be more energy efficient

NOS has opened a new data centre on the island of Madeira, in the city of Funchal. It has invested 500,000 euros in renovating the facility, which is said to be 28 per cent more energy-efficient.

Distributed over six rooms, the data centre is supported by two independent energy infrastructures for increased resilience, complemented by one emergency generator and two independent UPS systems and two independent DC systems, which allow consumption of up to 400kW of power.

“Companies and private customers in Madeira will have at their disposal one of the most modern and efficient data centres in Portugal, fully prepared for the challenges of the future,” Manuel Ramalho Eanes, director of NOS, said. “This new infrastructure underlines NOS’ strong commitment to the region, and adds more solutions, capacity, and security in the service to customers in Madeira.”

The company now has 3,200 square feet of technical rooms and accommodation spread over two data centres in the Madeira region. 

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