Novva data centers’ sustainable expansion into Arizona’s thriving market

A Utah-based data centre company, Novva Data Centres, has made a significant move into sustainable data centre development by acquiring 165 acres of state land in southeast Mesa for $62.7 million.

In a notable commitment to sustainability, Novva Data Centres is focusing on environmentally friendly practises. Wes Swenson, Novva Data Centers’ CEO highlights their use of waterless air-cooling technology, addressing concerns about water usage. Moreover, they are implementing atmospheric water generation technology to produce potable water from the air, further underlining their dedication to eco-conscious data centre operations.

“We’re excited. This is a big, big market we’ve been trying to get into,” he said. Data centres have been criticised by the public for their water use and lack of high paying jobs. Swenson said, “We think this would be a great opportunity to do a green approach to data centres where it’s maybe not been done before here.”

This strategic expansion marks Novva’s entrance into the Arizona market, recognising the immense potential of metro Phoenix as the second-largest market for data centre development. The site is located within the Hawes Crossing master-planned community, offering a prime location near major highways and a favourable separation from residential areas.

Swenson said he anticipates making a $5 billion capital investment over five to seven years. The plan is to have the project reviewed by the city’s planning and zoning board in the first quarter of 2024 and break ground in 2025.

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