NTT plans to expand capacity in London to over 120 MW

NTT Ltd’s Global Data Centers division is increasing its footprint of global interconnected data centres to strengthen its digital backbone for the London market.

The company announced the opening of its seventh London data center site in Hemel Hempstead in December 2021, delivering half of its full capacity in phase 1, and adding 9,600 square metres of IT space and 24MW IT load when fully built out. NTT is also planning investments to expand its data centre capacity in Dagenham, East London, which was opened in 2020. 

NTT’s London data centres currently deliver more than 53 MW of operational IT capacity. These investment plans give NTT the option of more than doubling its capacity to more than 120 MW in the London market when Hemel Hempstead 4 and London 1 are fully built out. 

Designing data centres with a digital world in mind is a key priority for NTT. As with all NTT data centers in the UK, Hemel Hempstead 4 uses 100 per cent renewable energy and has been engineered for low water usage (WUE). Additionally, NTT’s London 1 Data Center has high sustainability credentials and is the only large UK data centre to be BREEAM excellent certified.

London 1 Data Centre is located just 10 miles east of London’s city centre, close to Docklands, the UK’s internet hub and backbone for the global internet network which facilitates the majority of the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX’s). London’s Docklands have been an internet hub for the city with large investments over the last decade in now aging data centres. NTT’s investment into East London supports the city’s financial services, media, and tech industries as they continue their digital transformation.

Masaaki Moribayashi, president and board director at NTT, said: “As the third-largest data centre provider in the world, NTT continues to significantly accelerate our investment into the London and UK market as a key global location. This investment provides scalable data centre and connectivity infrastructure for our client’s digital transformation needs.”

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