Nutanix’s latest solution to help businesses meet power and carbon goals

Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, announced the Nutanix Carbon and Power Estimator, a new tool to help organisations understand how different factors can influence their environmental footprint by estimating annual power and emissions for various Nutanix solutions using Nutanix Validated Designs. Nutanix software and solutions can help organisations meet power and carbon goals by optimising IT infrastructure through reduced footprint, on-demand resource scaling, and fast and easy workload movement between on-prem and cloud options.

According to the 5th Annual Enterprise Cloud Index, for 92% of IT decision-makers, sustainability is more important today than it was a year ago, a development driven by an increasing number of pending and imposed regulations globally that add to the heightened interest in this space. As sustainability comes into view for many enterprises, they seek strategies to reduce their environmental impact. One of the first facets of the business that leaders evaluate when looking to minimise environmental impact is IT, where changes in equipment or practises have the potential to make significant impacts when it comes to energy consumption and emissions.

The Nutanix Carbon and Power Estimator provides users with a report that helps illustrate how infrastructure choices can impact an environmental footprint with regard to power and emissions, with insights for developing more sustainable IT strategies. Based on user inputs regarding workloads, the efficiency of the data centre, and location, an organisation can conceptualise how IT choices can help them meet their sustainability goals.

“Understanding what drives carbon and power consumption is an important first step for many enterprises looking to advance on their sustainability journey,” said Sammy Zoghlami, SVP EMEA at Nutanix. “The Nutanix Carbon and Power Estimator can help enterprises take initiative by educating organisations on factors that can influence their environmental impact.”

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