Ocient announces new measures toward digital sustainability

Hyperscale data analytics solutions company, Ocient, has announced its continued commitment to digital sustainability and carbon neutrality with carbon offsets, green data centers, and employee engagement programs.

Ocient has identified three core focus areas for its corporate social responsibility initiatives. In addition to committing to carbon neutrality, Ocient says that it supports several initiatives to develop the next generation of talent in the industry while prioritising diversity and inclusion. Ocient has also committed to improving the environment through various trail-building, trash clean-up, and other employee-led initiatives. By minimising Ocient’s carbon footprint and purchasing offsets for the carbon emissions generated by the company, all of Ocient’s operations, including 100 per cent of OcientCloud deployments and all of its data center operations, are carbon-neutral, making Ocient a net-zero carbon company.

The company also announced that it is working with Terrapass, a leader in carbon offset and renewable energy solutions, to support projects including landfill gas capture, renewable energy, and forest management.

“The urgency of our climate crisis calls for immediate action, across all levels and sectors of business, to reduce the number of heat-trapping gases entering the atmosphere and impacting global warming,” said Sam Telleen, senior director and general manager at Terrapass. “It is encouraging to see companies like Ocient taking responsibility for their environmental impact and choosing Terrapass to help support carbon emission reduction projects that effect positive change.”

In a recent survey of 500 IT leaders conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Ocient, 64 per cent of C-level executives indicated that working with carbon-neutral partners carries a high level of importance throughout their organisations. The majority (72 per cent) of C-level executives responded that being carbon neutral is an important factor in their company’s data strategy, and 91 per cent felt it should be a key strategic focus for 2022.

“Sustainability is an increasingly significant consideration in IT purchasing decisions. Carbon footprint is particularly relevant to data-intensive workloads such as high-performance computing and large-scale analytics, and will be a growing factor in product selection driven by regulatory, social, and economic considerations,” said Matt Aslett, VP and research director, Ventana Research.

“In this day and age, technology innovation should not come at a cost to the planet,” said Chris Gladwin, co-founder and CEO, Ocient. “Ocient is committed to leading the industry by example, driving digital sustainability in an energy-intensive field, and serving as a carbon-neutral component of the digital supply chain. Ocient’s ability to reduce and balance carbon emissions while analysing massive, compute-intensive datasets demonstrates that it is possible to fuel innovation responsibly.”

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