On the Horizon: UK government addresses bias and safety concerns in AI regulation

The UK Government is beginning to craft new legislation to regulate artificial intelligence. According to two people briefed on the plans, it is likely that this legislation would put limits on the production of large language models, and technology that underlines AI products, such as Chat GPT.

Although it is not definite what this legislation would cover or when it would be released, an insider said it will likely make sure that companies developing the most sophisticated models share their algorithms with the government and provide evidence they have carried out safety testing.

Regulators, like the UK competition watchdog, have become increasingly worried about potential risks. These range from technology possibly embedding biases that impact specific demographics, to the potential misuse of general-purpose models to produce harmful content.

Scott Lewis, SVP, Ataccama, said: “The most successful companies in the future will be those which take full advantage of AI tools, using them to automate necessary yet repetitive manual work, such as data cleansing and transformation to produce the good quality, governed data that is critical for trustworthy AI outcomes, and reallocating employees to more valuable, meaningful work.

AI also helps to accelerate insight mining from business data which provides deeper analysis that can support decision-making, such as identifying trends in customer behaviour, potential product innovation, and areas of improvement. 

“Having already made such a strong commitment to AI investment and innovation, it’s important that the UK takes a balanced, measured approach to regulating AI’s potential risks without stifling its clear benefits if it wants to achieve its vision to become a global AI leader.”

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