Oracle opens its first Cloud Region on the African continent

Computer technology corporation, Oracle, has announced the availability of its first cloud region in Africa, which is set to meet the rapidly growing demand for enterprise cloud services on the continent.  

The Oracle Cloud Johannesburg Region hopes to boost cloud adoption across Africa, while also helping businesses achieve better performance and drive continuous innovation. The opening marks Oracle’s 37th cloud region worldwide, with plans to have at least 44 cloud regions by the end of 2022, continuing one of the fastest expansions of any major cloud provider. 

Richard Smith, executive vice president, EMEA, Oracle, said: “The fourth industrial revolution, which is powered by cloud-led technologies, has significantly accelerated in South Africa and the wider African continent. In recent months, cloud technologies have played a vital role in helping African public and private sector organisations ensure business continuity, deliver essential services, and meet evolving customer expectations. The Oracle Johannesburg region offers a next-generation cloud to run any application faster and more securely for less, helping businesses build resilience, agility and achieve improved ROI.” 

The Johannesburg region is built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which enables customers to easily migrate IT workloads and data platforms to the cloud or build new cloud-native applications.  

In addition, Oracle reports that it offers a wide range of application modernisation and cloud strategies to help African organisations operate with global competitiveness. African organisations are using the service to manage their mission-critical workloads and take advantage of cloud economics, benefitting from significant performance improvements and reduced operational costs in the process. 

Mthoko Mncwabe, CIO, Airports Company South Africa, said: “Airports Company South Africa is mandated to advance South Africa’s national agenda of economic growth and development while delivering a sustainable and profitable business. Cloud-led digital transformation is vital for us to maintain an agile and profitable business model. The Oracle Cloud Johannesburg Region will offer us the flexibility to explore the latest technologies that can support our digital roadmap.” 

As part of Oracle’s planned expansion of its cloud region footprint to support strong customer demand for Oracle Cloud services worldwide, over the next year, Oracle will open seven additional cloud regions in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, France, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. 

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