Orchest Technologies and Bridgepointe to provide network, cloud and data center services in Latin America and The Caribbean

Orchest Technologies and Bridgepointe announced a strategic partnership aimed at supporting US Channel partners in addressing the Latin American region through Orchest’s innovative automated platform.

Through this collaboration, Bridgepointe’s Strategists will gain exclusive access to Orchest Technologies’ cutting-edge automated platform, enabling them to take full control of their customer experience in managing projects in Latin America. This partnership is a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing project outcomes for channel partners seeking to excel in the Latin American market.

With over a decade of experience in delivering innovative network solutions, cloud connection, and data center services, Orchest Technologies has established itself as a pioneer in fully automated end-to-end customer experience. The company’s holistic approach to network intelligence, transparency, ground-breaking process automation, and world-class customer engagement has set new industry standards in the region. The company has been awarded Innovator Disruptor of the Year four times in the last five years by Capacity Media.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership with Bridgepointe presents,” said Jeremy Villalobos, CEO at Orchest Technologies. “By leveraging our automated platform, Bridgepointe’s customer will have everything they need to streamline their operations, improve customer interactions, and achieve greater success in addressing the unique demands of the Latin American region.”

Bridgepointe’s deep experience helping organizations buy, implement and manage technology, combined with Orchest Technologies’ innovative solutions, sets the stage for a powerful collaboration that will empower organizations of all sizes to navigate the complexities of the Latin American market.

“Many Bridgepointe clients operate globally and are looking for innovative network, cloud and data center solutions in Latin American and The Caribbean,” said Brian Leonard, Vice President of Channel Marketing and Alliances, Bridgepointe. “Adding Orchest to our supplier portfolio is a big win for our Strategists who will now be able to better serve clients in Latin America and The Caribbean with confidence and agility. We’re looking forward to working together.”

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