Over 175 million issued in securitised notes by Sabey data centre

Sabey Data Centres announced that it issued 175 million dollars of securitised notes at a fixed rate coupon of 1.881 per cent, setting a record for the lowest new issue spread to benchmark rates in the sector. It is the only data centre issuer to offer investors notes rated “A+” by Standard & Poor’s. With this follow-on issuance, Sabey has issued 975 million dollars of A+ rated notes.

“The company has delivered results well ahead of projections since our initial transaction,” Robert Rockwood, president of Sabey Data Centres, said. “We have a great team working very effectively in a great industry. This issuance allows us to continue to grow as we bring the industry’s best and most sustainable data centre solutions to the world’s most demanding data centre customers.”

“Sabey’s recent issuance was extremely well received by the market representing the quickest marketing timeframe for the sector,” Patty Sewell, the chief financial officer of Sabey, said. “Efficient access to capital markets through this ABS platform will allow Sabey to continue to cost-effectively finance customer driven expansion for years to come.”

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