Padtec partners with Trusted Data to offer a solution for the data center market

A complete solution for data centers, which starts with a single rack and can grow – reaching up to hundreds of racks in a large data center – and which also includes a platform for remote, real-time management of the entire network environment. 

This is the new offering that Padtec is announcing to the market, based on a partnership signed with Trusted Data, a Brazilian company that specializes in data centers and mission-critical infrastructure.

One of the new features is the combination of the SmartPOP solution, offered by Trusted Data, with the Smart Site platform, launched in 2022 by Padtec. SmartPOP is a rack-based data center solution that includes precision air conditioning, environmental sensors, uninterruptible power (UPS) and fire protection systems, along with other features necessary for a local or edge data center, for example.

Smart Site is a cloud platform with an intuitive graphical interface and features that allow complete remote management of environments (sites) of operators and internet providers (ISPs) across the country in the markets where it is available, offered as a service. “With the partnership with Trusted Data, we are expanding the Smart Site market to the data center segment, in addition to telecommunications and other sectors such as industry, retail and agribusiness”, says Alexandre Piovesan, director of Platforms and Solutions at Padtec.

For Trusted Data, the incorporation of Smart Site into its solution complements and expands the resources offered to companies interested in implementing their own data center, whether to speed up application response time, or to guarantee data recovery in the case of a security incident. “Smart Pop is a quick implementation solution, with high scalability that can be fully adapted to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, it is essential for the proper operation of environments that support critical and high-value-added equipment, such as DWDM systems, servers, storage, switches, among others, as they are sensitive to variations in operating conditions”, says Matheus Moura, Chief Technology Officer at Trusted Data. “Remote monitoring of the installation, provided by the Padtec platform, is an important resource for ensuring the continuity of data center operations, without downtime or incidents”, he adds.

The partnership provides for the offering of the complete solution, both by Trusted Data and Padtec, with sale or rental options, in the infrastructure-as-a-service model. In addition to the SmartPOP solution, the agreement also includes the offer of customized turn-key data center projects, starting with project conception through the delivery of the fully operational environment – and later NOC, Spare Parts and Padtec Preventive and Corrective Maintenance (O&M) can be added in partnership with Trusted Data.

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