PETRONAS Lubricants International and Iceotope forge sustainable thermal management partnership

PETRONAS Lubricants International collaborates with Iceotope, a global leader in precision liquid cooling solutions, to jointly develop thermal management solutions for data centres, edge computing facilities, and blockchain operations to enhance efficiency whilst reducing carbon emissions and water usage.

Leveraging both expertise and experience in thermal management, this partnership will drive research and development as well as innovation to deliver new liquid cooling technologies tailored to meet the sector’s emerging needs, in line with the ongoing advancements of the global digital infrastructure.

PETRONAS Lubricants International’s Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer, Hezlinn Idris said, “PETRONAS Lubricants International is proud to collaborate with Iceotope, as we share a common ground in liquid cooling technologies expertise. Through this partnership, we will be able to offer a significant impact by enabling improved performance for the data infrastructure sector without adversely affecting the environment. It is also a testament of progress for PETRONAS Lubricants International, as we endeavour to contribute to wider sectors beyond automotive.”

Iceotope’s Chief Executive Officer, David Craig said,”Today, power consumption and environmental impact are top priorities for data centre operators. Precision Liquid Cooling represents a revolutionary shift, empowering organisations to deploy IT infrastructure without compromising performance or sustainability. Our collaboration with PETRONAS Lubricants International places innovation in sustainable practices at the forefront. By combining Iceotope’s expertise with PETRONAS’ leading-edge technology, we are not only cooling data centres; we are ensuring efficient, responsible cooling at the highest standard.”

Building upon the partnership with Iceotope, PETRONAS Lubricants International introduces PETRONAS Iona Tera, a liquid coolant specifically designed for data centres which increasingly rely on liquid cooling to maintain optimal temperatures.

An expansion of the PETRONAS Iona range, the new PETRONAS Iona Tera follows nearly two years of thermal management research and development and extensive validation process including the evaluation of different fluid chemistries and materials in laboratory conditions.

PETRONAS Iona was initially developed for electric vehicles (EV), targeting three critical areas – the engine, gearbox, battery, and bearings. Liquid thermal control is imperative to enhance efficiency and reduce energy consumption whilst ensuring safety and system reliability in EVs. In addition to its primary function, PETRONAS Iona also serves as a cooling fluid for EV charging stations and phase change materials.

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