Plans to build a new sustainable data centre site in Germany

Norwegian data centre company, Green Mountain, has entered into an agreement with energy company, KMW, to establish a new 54 megawatt (MW) data centre site in Mainz, 30km outside Frankfurt. Both companies have a 50 per cent stake in the new joint venture. The data centre will be supported by renewables from KMW’s portfolio and operated according to high sustainability standards.

Three data centre buildings are planned at the new 25,000sqm site situated in an already existing industrial area adjacent to KMW’s power plants. The Mainz authorities have approved the building application and constructions start in Q3 2023. The site can support both multi-tenant contracts as well as dedicated buildings for larger client installations.

“It was important to find a partner with sufficient experience in operating data centers as well as sales and marketing. Green Mountain complements us perfectly,” explained Oliver Malerius, CEO of KMW.

“Green Mountain has a vision of setting the green standard in the data center industry and that is why we particularly liked KMW’s green approach to operating the data centre,” added Svein Atle Hagaseth, CEO of Green Mountain.

All the prerequisites are in place to make the FRA1-Mainz site one of the world’s most sustainable data centres. The power supply is covered by KMW’s renewable energy portfolio, and it will be cooled by the adjacent Rhine River, making it very energy efficient with a PUE below 1.3.

Additionally, the KMW gas plant will supply the back-up power, making diesel generators for emergency power redundant. Up to 60 MW of waste heat will be fed into the Mainz district heating system, making sure the precious energy resources are used optimally. This district heating grid supplies up to 1000 properties in the city.

“This is a large and long-term project in Mainz, hence it is important that the partnership with Green Mountain is not just an economical but a cultural fit,” said Joerg Hoehler, CPO of KMW. “We are convinced that Green Mountain not only has the necessary know-how, but also shares the values of KMW and its shareholders,” added Stephan Krome, CFO of KMW, .

“With this partnership, Green Mountain continues its pan-European growth strategy. We are excited we can finally offer a green data centre location in one of the hottest data centre markets in Europe. However, it is not just about growth, but creating sustainable opportunities. The collaboration with KMW makes this possible,” said Hagaseth.

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