POET and MultiLane to develop high-speed pluggable transceivers for AI networks

POET Technologies, the designer and developer of the POET Optical Interposer™ and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for data center, telecommunication and AI markets announced a collaboration with MultiLane Inc., a leading provider of high-speed IO and data center interconnect test solutions, to develop next-generation, performance-optimized pluggable 800G, 1.6T and higher speed transceivers using POET’s newly designed transmit and receive optical engines. POET and MultiLane will focus on jointly developing pluggable transceivers that will reduce cost and improve power efficiency over existing solutions, and address the increasing need for more scalable hardware components for AI and cloud data center markets.

“Our intent with this collaboration is to design cost-optimized 800G modules that offer superior performance with both the DSP integrated version as well as Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) variants. We also want to kick start our designs for 1.6T and 3.2T pluggable transceivers for the most advanced data center and AI network operators,” said Raju Kankipati, POET’s SVP of Product Management. “We have to plan and develop ahead of market demand and be ready when customers are ready to test these higher speeds. The collaboration with MultiLane will significantly shorten the design cycle time for POET’s technology and will enable us to bring this value to our global customers much more quickly.”

“We are excited to collaborate with POET, offering our services in product development, testing automation, and contract manufacturing to accelerate the product development and launch,” said Fadi Daou, Founder and CEO of MultiLane. “MultiLane specializes in high throughput testing that enables shorter design cycles and a faster time to market; driving industry innovation and maintaining a healthy networking ecosystem.”

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