Polaris plans new data center for Port Muskogee

Polaris Technologies, a leading bitcoin data center company, specializing in infrastructure solutions tailored to the unique needs of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, is investing $100 million to construct a 200-megawatt data center at Port Muskogee’s John T. Griffin Industrial Park, becoming Muskogee’s first data center.

“This facility is a testament to our commitment to advancing mining operations within crypto technology. Muskogee provides the ideal environment for a project of this scale because of its reliable power,” Alex Zhang, CEO of Polaris, said in a press release. “We look forward to contributing to the growth of the local economy and the crypto industry.”

“We are proud to welcome this data center to Muskogee as our city positions itself as a prime destination for tech companies,” said Kimbra Scott, executive director at Port Muskogee.

“We are grateful for Polaris’ investment and look forward to how they’ll foster talent, innovation and contribute to Muskogee’s economic success.”

Muskogee County District 2 Commissioner Keith Hyslop added: “This investment is a testament to collaborative efforts, bringing high-tech job opportunities to our community and contributing to economic growth. As we witness this positive development, I look forward to continued growth at Port Muskogee’s John T. Griffin Industrial Park.”

Mayor Marlon Coleman said: “Polaris Technologies’ investment aligns with our vision to become a hub for high-tech, living wage jobs. This is a huge win for a community our size and puts us light years ahead to be a complete live, work and play community.”

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