Polish data centre firm utilises 100 percent renewable energy

polish renewable energy

A Polish data centre firm has announced that, since the beginning of 2023, they have been able to offset their entire energy usage by utilising renewable energy sources, meaning that their servers and cloud services, as well as their data centre infrastructure, are powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Last year, Atman Data Centers decided to switch fully to renewable energy, starting from the New Year. The so-called guarantees of origin from RES that Atman purchased are now reported to cover 100 percent of the electricity consumed by their data centres, including the equipment of colocation customers, their farm of 3000 dedicated servers, as well as Atman Cloud, Backup and Object Storage platforms.

Atman said that supporting producers of renewable energy is an important part of their sustainability policy, as are efforts to continuously improve the data centre energy efficiency and thus reduce electricity consumption. They use ongoing repairs of the operational server facilities to raise their energy efficiency standards, for example, by replacing energy-intensive infrastructure elements.

In the case of new investments, such as the planned construction of Atman Data Center WAW-3 (43 MW of IT power) in Duchnice, west of Warsaw, the buildings are designed with the highest possible energy savings in mind from the very beginning. Meanwhile, their largest campus (DC WAW-1 at 21a Grochowska Street) utilises a closed circuit solution for the water they use in the data room cooling systems, meaning greater Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE).

They have also installed roof insulation with a high albedo coefficient, a parameter that indicates the ability of a given surface to reflect sunlight. The higher the albedo, the more UV radiation the surface reflects, and so the less it heats up.

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