Prime Data Centers launches enhanced sustainability strategy

Prime, an international hyperscale and wholesale data center provider, has launched its enhanced sustainability strategy headed by newly appointed ESG Vice President Sarah Martinez. Building upon the company’s focus on environmental and social responsibility, enhancements will center around public, time-bound commitments, a philosophy of continuous improvement, and transparent reporting of impacts and progress. Notably, Prime will issue its inaugural sustainability report in the summer of 2024 and has increased its commitment to water conservation by procuring Water Restoration Certificates® from Bonneville Environmental Foundation equal to 120 percent of its 2023 operating portfolio consumption.

The enhancements are the next phase of Prime’s sustainability program that has demonstrated significant progress to date. This includes the creation of a new data center design standard featuring an integrated, closed-loop mechanical system that uses less than one percent of the water consumed by traditional adiabatic and evaporative cooling systems for near-zero Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE). Prime was also an early member of the iMasons Climate Accord and invested in development opportunities that offered the potential for data center-integrated district heating.

“Today’s water challenges are becoming more exacerbated as climate change and our population growth places increasing demands on this vital resource,” offered Todd Reeve Chief Executive Officer at Bonneville Environmental Foundation. “We applaud Prime for taking real action to help conserve, restore, and revitalize freshwater.”

“With cloud, social media, and AI driving massive energy demand, we are compelled to ensure our sustainability commitments result in responsible long-term growth,” commented Nicholas Laag, Founder and CEO of Prime Data Centers. “Since our inception in 2017, Prime has passionately explored new ways to further sustainability such as district heating in Europe, our closed-loop mechanical system, high-efficiency infrastructure, and unique power sourcing options. Looking to the future, we will continue to push the envelope and collaborate with digital infrastructure leaders and our customers to create a direct link between the advancement of technology and sustainability innovation.”

The mission of Prime’s enhanced sustainability strategy is to create a world that thrives on technology and stewardship advancing together. Primary pillars include “Protecting Our Home”, “Serving Our Community,” and “Living Our Values”. Prime recently joined the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) and increased its engagement with the Infrastructure Masons to Global Foundation Partner.

“Working with Prime executives, it is clear the company has a top-down commitment to sustainability,” stated Miranda Gardiner, Executive Director of the iMasons Climate Accord. “Now is the time for our industry to collaborate on finding real solutions to the systemic and large-scale challenges we all face, such as energy sourcing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our industry’s success is dependent on contributions from engaged partners, like Prime, to ensure these conversations become actions for a sustainable future.”

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