Proximity Data Centres open new facility in Wiltshire

Proximity Data Centres has announced the opening of another facility. The edge data centre firm’s new facility will be located in Swindon, Wiltshire, it will total 89,000 square feet and provide the capacity for up to 2,000 racks. It currently offers a total of 7MW of power, with the potential to double that to 14MW.

The Swindon site has access to existing fibre routes connecting London to Ireland and the US. The Tier 3 facility, given the Proximity Edge7 moniker, is positioned to serve businesses along and near to the M4 corridor. This includes the already congested data centre conurbations of Slough and West London, so potential customers now have a wider choice for their data services. In addition, the data centre is accessible to the major R&D hub at Harwell, which is the home to numerous research organisations in biotech, genome technology and space tech.

“Our new Swindon edge data centre offers enterprise, research, content and cloud service provider organisations a compelling proposition,” John Hall, managing director for colocation at Proximity Data Centres, said. “ It joins Proximity’s existing network of interconnected regional edge data centres across the UK in Bridgend, Nottingham, Rugby, Liverpool, Chester Gates and Wakefield.”

The firm expects to have a total of 20 sites available within the next 12 months, all in proximity to major conurbations, which will allow customers to ensure low latency and optimised data transit costs for their content and cloud services.

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