PSEG to explore selling nuclear power to data centers

Ralph LaRossa, the President and CEO of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), has revealed that the company is currently exploring the possibility of directly selling power to data centers from its nuclear plants located in New Jersey.

In a recent development, PSEG has officially informed the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of its intention to renew the licenses for both the Salem Generating Station Units 1 and 2, as well as the Hope Creek Generating Station. PSEG holds a 57% ownership stake in Salem, boasting a combined generating capacity of 2,295 MW, while also maintaining full ownership of Hope Creek, which has a capacity of 1,173 MW.

LaRossa mentioned that PSEG has engaged in discussions regarding the sale of nuclear power, considering both sides of the meter. This encompasses potential sales to mid-size data centers, each with a demand ranging from 50 to 100 MW.

Additionally, LaRossa stated that PSEG has received inquiries for behind-the-meter arrangements, particularly for data centers located in close proximity to the nuclear plants. As an example, he referred to Talen Energy’s agreement to supply power from their Susquehanna nuclear station to a co-located data center campus recently acquired by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Notably, AWS plans to expand this data center campus to consume up to 960 MW of power.

LaRossa said PSEG stands ready to support New Jersey in its recent efforts to create an “in-state artificial intelligence hub.”

“Our New Jersey nuclear units could provide access to a highly-reliable, carbon-free source of baseload power, and infrastructure consideration is increasingly mission critical for the large data center developers and hyperscalers,” he told investors.

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