Pure Storage empowers Andra to meet sustainability goals in data center footprint

Pure Storage®, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, has announced that Andra, the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management, turned to Pure Storage to modernize its IT infrastructure with a secure, reliable, and resilient data storage platform that fulfills sustainability regulations and requirements.

Andra conducts highly sensitive missions regarding long-term management of dangerous radioactive substances. Due to the nature of the data it looks after and the increase in cyber attacks, the agency needed a modern, easy to manage solution which met security and reliability needs.

Sustainability and energy efficiency were also critical concerns, as the organization looked to debunk any misconceptions about the environmental impact of nuclear waste management, focusing efforts on becoming an environmentally-conscious agency.

With Pure Storage, Andra is optimizing the lifespan of its data storage hardware, while benefiting from unmatched flexibility in how it manages and consumes data storage. Benefits include:

Reduced Energy Consumption: Pure Storage’s platform has helped Andra to reduce the total energy consumption of its data center by 20%; reduce its physical footprint by 80% (from 30U to 6U); and cut its CO2 emissions by 4 tons per year. Additionally, Pure’s Evergreen® architecture helps Andra better manage the product lifecycle and reduce e-waste by enabling non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades.

Simple, AIOps-Driven Storage Management: Pure1®, the cloud-based, AIOps-driven data storage management platform, empowers Andra to leverage predictive analytics to proactively respond to dynamic conditions. With Pure1, Andra can integrate vCenter, and benefit from capacity planning, as well as SafeMode™ Snapshots from Pure Storage.

Reliable, Secure Data Platform: Pure Storage FlashArray™ prevents downtime and contributes to Andra’s business continuity plan, while immutable SafeMode snapshots from Pure Storage enhance Andra’s data protection strategy by enabling clean copies of data to restore from in the event of a cyber attack.

Future-Proof Data Storage for the Next Decade: Andra chose Pure Storage with a long term view of operating the solution for the next decade. Pure’s Evergreen architecture empowers Andra with always-on access to innovation, with the freedom to upgrade, scale, and modernize without any re-purchases or downtime required.

“We chose Pure Storage because we needed to challenge our legacy solution and replace it with a more modern, secure and sustainable solution. We’re committed to pursuing a wide range of environmental initiatives to make our practices even greener in the future, and we are confident that Pure Storage will continue to support us as we strive to reach our objectives in terms of digital storage.” – Olivier Tardy, Head of Infrastructure and Operations in Andra’s DSIN.

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