Pure Storage helps 5G Networks navigate data centre consolidation, cuts energy and space needs

Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, has helped 5G Networks (5GN), Australia’s leading managed service provider, to successfully complete a massive data centre consolidation that sets the company on the path to delivering bigger and better services while also helping it to meet environmental sustainability targets by dramatically reducing energy consumption and space requirements.

After a strategic review of its data centre operations, 5GN, which serves corporate and government clients across Australia with telecommunications services, co-location, data centre, infrastructure provision and Managed IT services concluded that it needed to consolidate two leased data centres – with a combined volume of over 1.5 petabytes of data – into a single, built-for-purpose data centre facility in Sydney. To overcome these challenges, Pure Storage worked closely with 5GN with the FlashArray//X™ forming the core of 5GN’s new data platform. 

Wahab Khan, Head of Cloud and Platforms, 5G Networks said : “We are a very customer centric company and anything that affects a customer is a priority for us. It was a huge project involving the movement and consolidation of 1.5 petabytes of data and thousands of live customer services that needed to be maintained with an absolute minimum of disruption. Security measures must also be rigorously applied to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access, breaches or leaks. This dual focus on integrity and security is crucial in mitigating risks and ensuring a seamless, safe transition to the new consolidated data environment. Pure Storage provided that to us without any additional services or add-ons. In fact, the day after migrating to Pure Storage, the application teams reported the network was running at least twice as fast.”

“It is so satisfying when we are able to exceed the expectations of customers like 5GN. This truly was a challenging assignment for the Pure Storage team but the team never gave up and we were convinced that we had the technology and expertise to fulfil the task. This is really a great showcase of the capabilities of Pure Storage’s solutions.” – Amy Rushall, Area Vice President, Australia & New Zealand, Pure Storage.

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