Quantum Loophole Joins the iMasons Climate Accord to drive the reduction of carbon

Quantum Loophole, Inc., an innovative developer of first-of-its-kind Gigawatt-scale master planned data center communities, announces that the company has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), signing an industry-wide pledge to battle climate change by reducing data center carbon output. Quantum Loophole intends to leverage ICA’s open standard guidelines to report carbon output from data center power, materials and products.

Quantum Loophole’s digital infrastructure platform and business model encompassing land, power, fiber, and water brings unique scale and a multi-customer multiplier effect to the Accord.  Joining the ICA furthers the company’s efforts in revolutionizing the data center site selection process with a first-of-its-kind master planned approach, holistically accounting for environment, community, and purposely designed land for data center development.

Quantum Loophole reimagines the site selection process for hyperscale and mass-scale data center developments. Its first project, in Frederick County, Maryland, provides the digital infrastructure industry a 10-20 year road map inclusive of land, power, water and fiber network infrastructure adding much needed capacity to the tightly constrained Northern Virginia (NOVA) market. The 2,100+ acre development site will connect to NOVA via the QLoop network, a dual path conduit system, constructed to hold over 200,000 strands of fiber.

The company hosted public officials and members of the community at a groundbreaking and tree planting event on June 22, marking the kickoff of a two-year buildout of power, water, fiber and shared facilities at the site. In addition to the infrastructure elements, the company is implementing a number of programs aimed at supporting the local ecology. The Quantum Loophole Bees and Trees Initiative is an action plan to join in global efforts like the Global Tree Initiative in planting millions of trees. This initiative includes planting trees and pollinating plants, creating habitats favorable to pollinators, building biodiversity, and monitoring success. Quantum Loophole becoming a member of the ICA is another significant effort to support and lead on climate and environmental issues.

“We established iMasons to unite the builders of the fourth industrial revolution,” said Dean Nelson, Chairman and Founder of Infrastructure Masons. “The ICA represents an unprecedented collaboration between leading digital infrastructure companies to accelerate our journey to carbon neutrality. Today, we are combining forces to compound the efforts of these firms to make meaningful and sustained progress toward that goal.”

The ICA is a historic coalition of 129 companies and growing, designed to govern a methodology to measure and reduce carbon in the infrastructure through products, power, and materials. The objective is global carbon accounting of digital infrastructure influencing market-based decisions to drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality.

“We are thrilled to join other industry leaders at iMasons, in an industry-wide effort to drive decarbonization in the digital infrastructure community,” says Oren Wool, VP of Sustainability at Quantum Loophole. “Investors and customers alike are expecting us to offer a product that helps reduce their overall carbon footprint. Joining the iMasons Climate Accord is an opportunity to support the development of the standards and reporting needed to accelerate investments in carbon reduction.”

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