Rambus expands chipset for advanced data center memory modules with DDR5 server PMICs

Rambus, a premier chip and silicon IP provider making data faster and safer, announced the availability of its new family of state-of-the-art DDR5 server Power Management ICs (PMICs), including an industry-leading extreme current device for high-performance applications. With this new family of server PMICs, Rambus offers module manufacturers a complete DDR5 RDIMM memory interface chipset supporting a broad range of data center use cases.

“Advanced data center workloads like generative AI require the highest bandwidth and capacity server RDIMMs tailored to meet ever-increasing memory needs of a growing data pipeline,” said Sean Fan, chief operating officer at Rambus. “With the addition of this new family of server PMICs, we expand our foundational technology and offer customers a comprehensive memory interface chipset that supports multiple DDR5 server platform generations.”

“DDR5 memory modules incorporate new chip technologies to deliver higher levels of memory performance within the target power envelope,” said Soo-Kyoum Kim, VP, memory semiconductors at IDC. “Rambus, a proven volume supplier of on-module memory interface chips, is ready to provide the critical PMIC components for the DDR5 memory module makers.”

The PMIC is a critical component in the DDR5 memory architecture, enabling more memory channels, higher capacity modules and greater bandwidth. The Rambus DDR5 server PMIC family includes products for the JEDEC extreme current (PMIC5020), high current (PMIC5000) and low current (PMIC5010) specifications. 

The industry-leading Rambus PMIC5020 will enable future generations of DDR5 RDIMMs delivering new benchmarks for performance and capacity. This new family of Rambus server PMICs, together with Rambus DDR5 RCD, SPD Hub and Temperature Sensor ICs, comprise a complete memory interface chipset for a broad range of DDR5 RDIMM configurations and use cases. With over 30 years of high-performance memory experience, Rambus offers RDIMM manufacturers a one-stop shop for DDR5 memory interface chips, providing the highest level of validation assurance and speeding time to market.

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