Raxio Group appoints partner to help install energy-efficient data centres across Africa

The Raxio Group has announced that it has appointed Master Power Technologies to build and install multiple data centres in Africa. The company specialises in the supply and installation of pre-engineered data centres,

Raxio’s next suite of data centres are being developed in Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique. The infrastructure will help drive growth to the region by supporting the rising consumption of data and the growing digital needs while reducing the costs associated with digital access for all.

The company’s highly innovative design based on metro-edge principles is highly scalable and will deliver the lowest power utilisation effectiveness ratio (PUE) on the continent through the choice of best-in-class energy-efficient power and cooling technology.

The new data centres will also continue to broaden customer access to state-of-art colocation facilities, boosting digital transformation in new markets on the continent, and providing an environment to meet the demands of the population for increased connectivity. The facilities will also be a catalyst for economic growth and job creation while minimising the impact on the environment through an energy-efficient design that does not compromise the reliability of the overall system.

“Working with Master Power allows us to accelerate our expansion through a more streamlined and optimised design-to-commissioning process across multiple sites,” Robert Mullins, CEO of Raxio Group, said. “Our shared vision to enable digital transformation across Africa, driving economic growth and opportunities for the entire population makes Master Power the ideal choice for us.”

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