Report: Foreign investors come knocking for Vietnam data centers

The data center market in Vietnam is drawing attention from foreign investors, as reported by Vietnam News and as highlighted in a comprehensive market report by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

The report reveals that international developers and operators are starting to tap into this market, with significant projects underway such as Gaw Capital’s 20 MW facility in Saigon Hi-Tech Park, a 30 MW project led by Singapore-based Worldwide DC Solution, and a collaboration between Japanese telecom giant NTT and DQ Tek.

Celina Chua, data center client solutions director at the JLL, said “Vietnam has recently climbed the priority list of countries investors and operators are looking to understand as they work out their market entry.”

“This interest is driven by Vietnam’s strategic geographical location, dynamic economic policies, a young tech-savvy population, and the need for data localization, positioning it as an important hub for data centers in Asia,” she said.

As per JLL’s findings, the development expenses for data centers in Vietnam typically range from $6 million to $13 million per megawatt.

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